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That guy though was never on time. The first guy was 10 minutes early. He was very punctual, and I’d always knew when he was gonna be here. And he let me know when he was on his way. He was good. The second one, meanwhile, would never tell me when he was coming. The company would tell me he’d be there at a certain time and he’d come two hours late. I did let that technician know that I wasn’t happy with him not coming on time. In the end, I wanted my freezer not to freeze everything inside. I would have ice everywhere and it was leaking water inside my freezer, so it would refreeze everything in a block of ice. Although this seemed to be happening every 30 days, it’s been a couple months now and everything seems to be good.

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In these years, the homeowner gets nothing except, perhaps, peace of mind in exchange for his premium.

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I placed a call the the Sensible people Saturday evening and was told I would have to wait some time or a repairmen as it was 8pm on a Saturday evening, understandable.

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They sent a repair guy to confirm the issue a few days later and collect the $100 deductible.

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I must note that the VERBAL reasons for denial and the WRITTEN reason are ALL DIFFERENT.